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What do you hope to achieve this week?

Y'all, I had a moment of panic earlier today when Cron lied to me, telling me it's Week 51:

Cron lying about what week we're in

The scariest part was that it did not feel entirely unbelieveable that I might have missed out on a week of life. It has been "All Systems: GO!" around these parts for the last couple of months and, just when I thought things were calming down for the holidays... well, it's the holidays, innit? 😵

Help me feel a little less alone in the chaos, won't you please? Let me know more about your holiday plans below - the more ambitious the better 😈

A warm welcome 👋

to @virginia, who shared this helpful tip for converting Notion files to markdown script - we love Notion and this post is written in markdown, so it's a guaranteed crowdpleaser!

👉 If you're new here and would like some suggestions for people to follow who share your interests, we welcome you to share a bit about what you're working on and what you'd like to learn and share!

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The New Relic Team will be hosting a Reddit AMA with Umber Singh, VP of Deal Strategy & Monetization, and his team.

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One more thing

PagerDuty has been nominated for Best End-to-End DevOps Tool/Service in the DevOps Dozen 2022 Awards. 👏

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What are you planning for the week ahead?

👉 Let me and the community know by commenting below.

@patrick_londa, how are your GKE clusters? @pacozaa what about your not-so-new-anymore Mac setup? And @lfuleki, how are you getting on with your database deployment?

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Patrick Londa

Thanks for the accountability, @ellativity! I did manage to get my blogs live last week. Here's one I just posted on setting up autoscaling for GKE clusters:

Week 50! Such an awesome milestone for this community! 🎉🎉

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Mandi Walls

Thanks @ellativity!

Greetings from Tel Aviv! If anyone is headed to DevOpsDays tomorrow and Thursday, say hi! :D

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Sarah Lean

Thanks for the shoutout!

pacozaa profile image

The openssl thing is more better now. This week is my long overdue holiday! Yay!