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What do you hope to achieve this week?

If you've ever had any doubts about sharing your knowledge with this community or any other, @eyalestrin has something to say to you!

As a community mod, this post on why you should share your knowledge is one of my favorite posts of the year so far, because of all the reasons Eyal lists: I believe it to be true, that sharing your knowledge is an act of giving and receiving without ever having to take anything from anyone else.

Join our incredible community members listed below and try it for yourself - you may even end up in next week's community check-in post!

A warm welcome 👋 to all our new members!

@bernardo joined us this week and immediately made the Ops Community feel like their home-away-from-home with a trio of posts! Welcome, Luiz, and thank you for making your presence felt with your contributions - if you haven't already met @eyalestrin I think you're going to get along!

👉 If you're new here and would like some suggestions for people to follow who share your interests, we welcome you to share a bit about what you're working on and what you're like to learn and share! Drop your intro in our Welcome post here


Luiz wasn't the only person delivering three posts this week. In fact, we had three people with three posts (hold on while I go buy a lottery ticket 🍀):

Meanwhile, away from the three-of-threes, it was business as usual:

If you're planning to leave the house in 2023, then you'd better start signing up for some of these free events:

What are you planning for the week ahead?

Did anyone else feel like last week somehow crept by in a weird way? I've spoken to a couple of people who had a similar experience as me: I felt like I was working at a good pace on things and making progress on my to-do list, but all of a sudden it was Friday and I wasn't finished!

👉 Let me know in the comments below:

  • Did the weekend take you by surprise?
  • Or you were fully ready for it with task list completed?
  • What is on next week's task list?
  • If you're planning to join New Relic or PagerDuty at one of the events above, which one do you have in mind?

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Ella (she/her/elle)
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Patrick Londa

@ellativity Like good bbq, it's taking a while... but it'll be worth it. Hoping it'll be live later today (fingers crossed)

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Looking clean! Congrats on a job well done! 🥳

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Patrick Londa

Thanks @ellativity!