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What do you hope to achieve this week?

I realized today that I ask y'all every week what your goals are, and never really share mine. Part of that's because the glamorous life of a community moderator is kinda-sorta like your friendly neighbourhood janitor (either/or neighbourhood street signs 😅).

I say that to say, if there's anything you're curious about here, you can always ask a mod. Questions that might come to mind are,

So, don't be shy! Ask a mod a question today!

A warm welcome 👋 all our new members!

👉 If you're new here and would like some suggestions for people to follow who share your interests, we welcome you to share a bit about what you're working on and what you're like to learn and share!


What are you planning for the week ahead?

👉 Let me and the community know by commenting below. I'll be checking back with you next week to see how it went!

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