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What is The Ops Community?

Whoa! The Ops Community is finally live. ✨ πŸ₯³ ✨

Welcome to our community for cloud engineers to share tips & tricks, tutorials, and career insights. Most importantly, The Ops Community is a place for cloud engineers to share knowledge with each other and build up our community of technology professionals and aspiring cloud professionals.

We've all been given an amazing opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with others, in order to help them along on their DevOps and SecOps journeys. If you haven't already, sign up and consider sharing to The Ops Community!

P.S. Don't forget to follow @LearnAboutOps on Twitter!

βš™οΈ Get to know the Ops Moderators

The Ops Community is sponsored by the awesome teams at Blink, Forem, and Drop. We created The Ops Community because there wasn't a dedicated place for cloud engineers, a growing community of DevOps, SecOps, IT Managers, SREs, and other cloud-native professionals, to talk about their jobs, tools, problems faced, and gained experiences. We built Ops to make finding information about DevOps and SecOps topics, for all platforms, a little more fun, accessible, and user-friendly.

Our moderators in The Ops Community (so far...) are Brad and Patrick. At Blink, we're both on the marketing team, where we spend our days thinking about cloud operations and no-code automation. But we're also going to be publishing cloud-native and Ops Community content, and here to make your Ops Community experience the best it can possibly be! 🌱

πŸ‘·πŸ½ Get involved!

We need your help making The Ops Community better! Let us know if you're interested in becoming a moderator for a particular topic or becoming an Ops Community sponsor. Here's our contact info if you want to connect!

Discussion (5)

kaiwalter profile image
Kai Walter

Most of the (Dev)Ops related posts I put on so far - but had always the feeling that those kind of posts not really fit for the pure Dev audience of How do other see this? Post more Dev related stuff of and (Cloud)Ops here... or on both?

johnson_brad profile image
Brad Johnson Author • Edited on

Welcome @kaiwalter! We love the folks over at DEV, so you're encouraged to post in both communities.

The Ops Community will always be focused on cloud engineers, DevOps, SecOps, SREs, etc...

So while sometimes DevOps content may not get the same levels of engagement over on DEV, you can be sure that The Ops Community audience is hungry for your DevOps tutorials, CI/CD musings, troubleshooting tips and other CloudOps content.

johnson_brad profile image
Brad Johnson Author

This will seem like a minor deal to some folks and a big one to others, but let me know if you think you've earned an Ops Community badge but have not yet received it.

Chances are you're right and I'm just running behind. πŸ˜…

Thanks for your patience Ops folks!!

✌️, @johnson_brad

schrenker profile image
Sebastian Zawadzki

I enjoyed reading posts about ops things but I feel they have always been lost among tons of posts about javascript and web dev. Now I don't have anything against web dev or javascript, it's just nothing I'm interested at. Seeing email about this community appearing made me instanly join, and I've already read tons of stuff I liked. This made my day yesterday, really :)

johnson_brad profile image
Brad Johnson Author • Edited on

Welcome @schrenker! Glad you've found community of peers with similar DevOps interests. It's been a joy for us to architect and welcome so many exciting members. Feels like we're all growing something that matters 🌱