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What do you hope to achieve this year? (feat. 2022 community round-up)

Happy new year to everyone in The Ops Community! 🎉

Although the past year has been an absolute rollercoaster for many of us, we have a whole lot to celebrate.

2022 in numbers:

  • 1620 members joined
  • 1340 badges awarded
  • 850 comments made
  • 800 posts published
  • 130 tags with >1 post
  • 24 organizations created

2022 was the year we launched The Ops Community, and we quite literally wouldn't be where we are right now without all of you, so we begin the new year with thanks! 🙏

Thank you to every single one of you for:

  • showing up with open minds,
  • being willing to teach and learn,
  • sharing your tutorials and inspiration, and
  • building a place you want to belong to.

May we continue to build, learn, share, and grow together in 2023 ✨

Share your goals for 2023

Whatever note you ended 2022 on, we are in a new year with new possibilities.

What is on your heart, friends? What are your wildest dreams for 2023? Share them in the comments below so we can cheer each other on as we work towards them!

Top comments (5)

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Jatin Mehrotra

Thank you @ellativity for your consistent posts. The strongest pillar of the Ops Community.

This Year I am planning to write 52 ( minimum) blogs for 2023 around DevOps, Terraform, CICD, Kubernetes.

I want to get deep with Kubernetes.

Would love to create some video content too.

Since covid seems to settle down, I would love to try giving a talk in an offline event.

Be more active on stackoverflow.

Start my Instagram page where I can post something related to travel.

ellativity profile image
Ella (she/her/elle)

Thank you, Jatin!

I'm really digging your mix of concrete goals (52+ blogs) and less rigid/fixed outcome ones (being more active on StackOverflow, create video content, etc), mixed with personal enjoyment (travel IG).

Do you have any events you're hoping to speak at? And where do you have planned for your upcoming travel?

jatin profile image
Jatin Mehrotra

I haven't figured out any events yet, do you have any recommendations, since it will be the first time I will be doing this?

For the upcoming travel, I thinking of Kyoto or London :D

patrick_londa profile image
Patrick Londa

Thank you, @ellativity, for helping growing this community week-in-and-week-out! It wouldn't be the Ops Community without ya :)

As for 2023, sheesh... I guess it's time to make some bold goals and see what happens.

In 2022, at Blink, we were able to publish over 80 how-to guides on different cloud topics. In 2023, maybe we'll be able to get to 200 how-to guides and... publish them as a book? I've got lots of cloud puns on deck for titles.

For the Ops Community, I'd love to see us put on our first event in 2023, even if it's something virtual. There are so many awesome people in this community and a get-together would be awesome.

And personally, I'm heading into the studio in March so my band (The Mourning Delights) can hopefully put out an album this year.

ellativity profile image
Ella (she/her/elle)

Never satisfied... wow, 80 how-to guides plus a whole community? Y'all have had a busy year!

Thanks for the kind words, btw. It's really such a pleasure to be part of this space and I hear you on the community event - we really do have so many people that would be ✨ in the same room (even a virtual one). Maybe The Mourning Delights can perform live?

Anyone who wants an Ops Community event, drop your comments below!