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What do you hope to achieve this week?

And heeeeere we are, Ops Community! Week 42 and feeling ready!

I'm working on something juicy for y'all this week, so I'm owning up to it here to keep myself honest... Please remember to hold me to account if it's not up by the end of the week!

@aigarspl how is OpenStack going for you?

A warm welcome 👋

to @chargio, Product Manager for Monokle, and @bruts, a Platform Engineer in Brazil - both here to learn from the excellent minds in this community, so let's show 'em what we've got!

👉 If you're new here and would like some suggestions for people to follow who share your interests, we welcome you to jump into the Welcome Thread for yourself and tell us what you're all about!


What are you planning for the week ahead?

👉 Let me and the community know by commenting below. I'll be checking back with you next week to see how it went!

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Brad Johnson

I'm slowly working my way through a longform blog post/ebook on no-code automation and its effect on DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps workflows, respectively. 🐌

If I can complete the third post/chapter by the end of this week, I'll declare victory. 3000 words so far, but they're all useful ones (I think).

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Aigars Pluģis • Edited

Thanks for revising this question, @ellativity. Long story short - with all ups and downs I almost deployed base OpenStack setup with Ceph storage backend. Got some changes in last minute, currently waiting for server migration event from lab server rack to office main server rack (was expected today (17.10), but dependency on one person puts this on hold).

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Avital Trifsik

Thanks for sharing my post!!
I hope to create more content and add some cool new content ideas :)