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Can Value Stream Management Solve DevOps‘ Struggles?

A decades-old physical goods manufacturing concept is being applied to modern dev teams with great results. What can software development learn from the past?

Value Stream Management (VSM) has been a focus of business and manufacturing for years but big tech has only recently taken notice.

Steve Pereira, a.k.a. "The VSM Guy", joins us to talk about what engineering leaders can learn from VSM, its impact on individual and team workflow, how it differs from Agile and DevOps, and why its emphasis on the creation and delivery of value represents an opportunity for dev teams everywhere.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:28) What is Value Stream Management?
  • (9:03) How can engineering managers apply VSM to their org?
  • (17:26) Applying VSM to individual contributors
  • (23:36) DevOps vs VSM
  • (30:49) Mapping
  • (36:23) Intentionally engineering flow

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