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βš™οΈ The Ops Community: 1000 Founding Members, New Badges, and More!

πŸ‘‹ Hey everyone, it's Ops Moderator @johnson_brad here.

You haven't heard from me in a while, but we've been working on some improvements for The Ops Community that I wanted to share with you.

First... Some big news!

The Ops Community is now 1000+ cloud engineers strong! πŸ’ͺ

In under three weeks we've grown from two moderators to a vibrant community of 1000+ cloud engineers sharing their insights and knowledge with other DevOps practitioners around the world. Thank you all for truly being the Founding Members of this new cloud engineering community.

πŸ—Ί Community roadmap

The Ops Community is growing faster than we'd ever anticipated, and we need your help to make it better. @patrick_londa and I are currently in the process of preparing a public roadmap for The Ops Community to share with you all, so we can work together to build our community into an inclusive and accessible forum for everyone.

Do you have ideas about improving The Ops Community? Let us know in the comments.

☁️ Meet new #aws moderator @cloudyadvice!

Speaking of making The Ops Community better, I wanted to share some more exciting news.

Introducing our first new tag moderator, Ops Community member @cloudyadvice! Everybody thank Mike Graff for volunteering to steward our burgeoning #aws tag community.

Here's a bit about Mike in his own words:

Based in the Silicon Valley, I have over 25 years experience working in IT. Over my career I’ve had the great fortune to work on a lot of leading edge technology early on such as backup to disk, virtualization, and now cloud. I’ve been working with AWS since late 2015, and currently hold multiple AWS Certifications including Solutions Architect – Professional and the Advanced Networking Speciality.

Make sure to welcome Mike with your comments and check out some of his recent posts on The Ops Community or on his personal blog. You can also tag @cloudyadvice with questions about #aws or to notify Mike about posts that need attention with the #aws tag.

And we need your help! Are you interested in becoming an Ops Community tag moderator? Email us at with info about your relevant experience and what #tags you're interested in moderating.

πŸ… New badges!

Later this week, we'll be dropping 6 new sets of Ops Community badges for you to earn and bling out your Ops Community profile.

Here's a teaser of the new Ops Community Scholar badge! Want to learn how to win this badge? Make sure to follow me @johnson_brad and stay tuned for my future post!

Ops Community Scholar badge

@LearnAboutOps on Twitter

You may have noticed that The Ops Community also has a Twitter account @LearnAboutOps, where we promote high quality posts from our members. Do you want to be featured on @LearnAboutOps? Let us know in the comments! Just make sure you already have a Twitter account, so we can tag you as the author.

Here's an example from Ops member @priyanshisharma:


Plagiarism policy

Lastly, I wanted to comment on an important topic: Plagiarism.

According to The Ops Community Terms of Use:

Users agree and certify that they have rights to share all content that they post on The Ops Community β€” including, but not limited to, information posted in articles, discussions, and comments. This rule applies to prose, code snippets, collections of links, etc. Regardless of citation, users may not post copy and pasted content that does not belong to them. Users assume all risk for the content they post, including someone else's reliance on its accuracy, claims relating to intellectual property, or other legal rights. If you believe that a user has plagiarized content, misrepresented their identity, misappropriated work, or otherwise run afoul of DMCA regulations, please email The Ops Community may remove any content users post for any reason.

Please do not copy or post content you do not own without the explicit permission of the owner. If you're unclear about plagiarism or ways to avoid plagiarizing content, I recommend checking out this awesome post about how to avoid plagiarism from the moderators over at DEV. If you post content that is suspected to have been plagiarized, Ops Community moderators will remove your post and may suspend or ban you from posting.

If you suspect a member has published plagiarized content, please do not call out that user directly, and instead notify and Ops Community moderator for us to review. Some cultures have differing perspectives with regards to the attribution of content. In order to be respectful to all out Ops Community members, we'll do our best to resolve any issues kindly and in a timely manner.

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Rutam Prita Mishra

It was a nice read. I would love to be featured on the Twitter post. πŸš€

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Brad Johnson Author

πŸ“ Adding you to the Twitter queue @rutamhere. Thanks for your comment!

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Rutam Prita Mishra

Thank you.