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What one thing would make your Ops life easier?

If you could build one thing that doesn’t already exist (to your knowledge) and time and resources were no object, what would it be?

How much easier would it make your life?

What is stopping you from building it now? (Time and resources are totally valid blockers!)

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Kai Walter

What would really make my life easier? : When thinking about CI/CD, an editor extension e.g. to Visual Studio Code which has syntax and semantic checking for GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines YAML files. Even maybe a local debugging experience.
What is holding me back? : I presently don't have the particular skills to create an engine which can offer a language model to an editor. Same goes for debugging. And time - given enough time, I could work my way into almost everything.

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Javier Marasco

While working with Azure DevOps pipelines I use this one for VS Code ( it has a pretty decent autocomplete feature but I use it side by side with this reference page ( So when the extension fails to autocomplete something you need, you have the documentation handy to check for the correct values.

Sadly I don't have anything like this for GitHub Actions (I am just starting with actions).

Hope it helps!

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Curious to know what @kaiwalter and @javi_labs would answer to this question, given the tutorials they've been sharing recently for building solutions to their own workflows:

Kai on creating a disposable Linux Azure VM

Javi on auto-documenting deployments

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Javier Marasco

Well I can't think of a single thing to cover multiple things, but currently I am involved in some Kubernetes updates and having a way to move an app to another cluster (running a newer version of kubernetes) to validate my manifests and app keep working as expected in the new cluster would be a good tool.
What stops me of doing it? time :) I am working in a few articles and a kubernetes operator (article on that soon to be published) and after that I might start working on this idea :D