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NEW: "The Cloud Pod" added to #Podcasts

Thanks to a suggestion from Ops member @cloudyadvice, we've added a new podcast to the #podcast page!

You'll now find The Cloud Pod listed among the different DevOps and CloudOps productions that our moderators curate on the #podcasts page. The Cloud Pod is hosted by Justin Brodley (@jbrodley), Jonathan Baker (@cloudkickoff), Peter Roosakos (@FoghornCTO), and Ryan Lucas (@ryron01).

P.S. New podcast episodes get posted all the time, and there's a good chance The Ops Community will know before our moderators. If there's a listed podcast that's out of date, or if you discover a new podcast, video, or other relevant material that you think we should feature in the community, just let your moderators @patrick_londa or @johnson_brad know!

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