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Introducing: Legends of the Ops Community

As mentioned in this post from way back when:

DevOps Legend Badge

The DevOps Legend badge is an exclusive designation, reserved only for DevOps industry leaders handpicked by The Ops Community moderators.

That's why our first-ever recipient of the badge was @richburroughs, host of the Kube Cuddle podcast and Senior 🥑 at Loft Labs, and that's why we are making a big deal of the people we've awarded the next round of badges to!

Congratulations to each of our new DevOps Legend badge recipients! Thank you for all that you do to educate and support the DevOps community.

In no particular order, we'd like to recognize

Mandi Walls

Originally a large-scale systems administrator, Mandi is DevOps Advocate for the Community and Advocacy team at PagerDuty, a leading incident response platform. Prior to PagerDuty, she spent a number of years at Chef Software, which was one of the earliest advocates for DevOps automation. Today, Mandi shares her expertise ab out IT automation; organizational culture and change; and community.

Bret Fisher

Bret is a freelance DevOps consultant, trainer, speaker, and Open Source volunteer that's helped over 250,000 people learn Docker and DevOps tools and techniques. He's been a cloud and datacenter ops/sysadmin for more than 20 years. Bret's a Docker Captain, Code for America Brigade Captain, streams weekly, runs monthly meetups, speaks at conferences, and loves helping others.

Daniele Polencic

Daniele is the Managing Director and technical instructor for LearnK8s, based in London. He's a certified Kubernetes administrator by the Linux Foundation, and has trained hundreds of developers for companies in the e-commerce, finance and public sector.

Sarah Lean

Sarah is the Lead DevOps Advocate at Octopus Deploy. With over eighteen years experience in IT and DevOps, Sarah is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Azure MVP, and former Microsoft employee. She also gives back to her community as a STEM Ambassador, breaking down concepts in bite-sized videos on YouTube to help others learn how IT can impact and change their lives for the better. Sarah founded the Glasgow Azure User Group, and has spoken at industry events, most notably, Microsoft Ignite.

If you're reading this as an Ops Community member and haven't found a moment to catch up with the work of our DevOps Legends, then we encourage you to do so. We've chosen everyone because we believe their work has value to add to others in the field, so check 'em out!

PS: We also picked them because they're friendly, helpful people who answer questions and help explain anything we don't fully understand the first time around - ask us how we know!

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Brad Johnson

Congratulations to all the new DevOps Legend badge recipients!

As always, please let @ellativity or myself (@johnson_brad) know if you're missing an Ops Community badge that you've earned.

We probably just forgot to award it 🙊

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Sarah Lean

Thank you!

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Mike Graff

Congrats to all the new DevOps Legends!