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Simplifying Azure Arc Agent Management with Custom PowerShell Module

I'm happy to share a tool I've developed to streamline Azure Arc Connected Agent management. As many of you know, managing Azure Arc agents can be complex, especially in large-scale deployments. That's why I created the AzureArcConnectedAgentManagement PowerShell module.

Azure Arc PowerShell Module

Why This Module?

While Microsoft offers a PowerShell module for Azure Arc, it primarily focuses on onboarding. My module complements this by providing comprehensive local agent management capabilities.

Key Features:

  • 15 custom commands for day-to-day administration
  • Simplified interface for azcmagent.exe utility
  • Enhanced user experience for common tasks

Some Useful Commands:

  • Connect-AzureArcNode
  • Get-AzureArcNodeAgentInformation
  • Test-AzureArcNodeConnection
  • Save-AzureArcNodeLogs

You can find the full module on PowerShell Gallery. It's designed to make your life easier when managing Azure Arc across your infrastructure.

Important Note: This is the first release, so there might be some bugs. Let me know if something is not working!

Happy Arc Management and Scripting! 🚀

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