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The 1 Azure Arc Setting You Can't Ignore: config.mode

By default, Azure Arc allows all extensions on your Azure Connected Machine Agent - this is known as full mode. As an administrator, you should consider changing this setting based on your specific needs. Understanding the config.mode property is important, as switching to monitoring mode will impact your management capabilities.

This Azure Arc setting adjusts how the Azure Connected Machine Agent operates. Proper configuration improves Azure Arc server management across hybrid infrastructures.

Azure Arc and config.mode: Key Points

The config.mode property in Azure Arc affects:

  1. Security: Control which agent capabilities are active in different environments.
  2. Management Scope: Determine the level of interaction possible with your servers.
  3. Compliance: Align with your organization's policies on remote management.

Azure Arc Agent Modes Explained

1. Full Mode in Azure Arc

  • Enables all features: extensions, guest configuration, remote connectivity.
  • Suitable for extensive Azure Arc server monitoring and management.

2. Monitor Mode in Azure Arc

  • Limits to monitoring-specific extensions.
  • Turns off guest configuration and remote tools.
  • Appropriate for high-security Azure Arc environments or basic monitoring needs.

Setting Up Azure Arc Agent Modes

Use azcmagent to set the mode in your Azure Arc deployment:

# Set full mode
azcmagent config set config.mode full

# Set monitor mode
azcmagent config set config.mode monitor
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