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My Home Server Setup [ part 5 ] : Cool software

So far we've discussed what are the benefits of having a home server and how to set one up. Now I'll share some of the cool software/projects that I have found and I've found interesting.

You can download these software as Docker containers (my recommended way) or manually install them.
To you download pre-built Docker images from registries.
Checkout out and Dockerhub.
I recomment for your Home server needs and Dockerhub for your Programming needs


It's a cloud storage platform, but one you can host on your own! It's FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). You can kind of think of it as a replacement for most of the Google Suite, especially Google Drive. And boy does it have a lot of features. In my experience I liked it a hella lot more than Google Drive. It's awesome. It also supports extensions made by the community to further enhance your experience. It also has a bunch of other things to replace other Google products like Google Calendar, chat etc. You can also host OnlyOffice to have a replacement for Google Docs, sheets and a ton more. I recommend it a lot. If you wanna try out a free hosted version of Nextcloud, try visiting. OpenDesktop


It's basically a self-hosted streaming service (like Netflix, but self hosted). All your media presented to you a clean and appealing interface and it automatically tags it and downloads cover art and album art and subtitle of the movie/series. Host it in your home network and you can watch all of you library from any device on your network, like your phone, your tv, your dad's phone etc etc.


A portal for to list all your self hosted apps in a single clean pretty page.

Pi - Hole

Block Ads and trackers on all the devices in your network and much more

Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Medusa, Jackkett

Automatically download torrents of movies and TV series as they release. (Ofcourse I'm talking about free movies in the Open Domain, not pirated ones. Cuz that's the only things people torrent right? *wink. Seriously tho, I do not endorse or claim any sort of responsibility to what you do with it. I'm writing this for educational purposes 😌)


Think spotify, but of your own.

Wireguard, OpenVPN

Host your own personal VPN

EmulationStation, RetroArch

Emulate games of other platforms like GBA, Nintendo, Playstation etc

KDE Bigscreen

Smart TV software


Torrent and stream movies/shows.

Home Assistant

The one-stop for your home automation needs


It's like Alexa, but privacy friendly and doesn't listen to you constantly and you don't have to worry about it sending things to Amazon's/Google's servers.


FOSS alternative to Google photos


Stream games from your PC to other devices on your network (eg: TV, Phone)

and a whole bunch more....
Seriously there's a whole bunch more.
Checkout LinuxFleet for some more cool stuff
Also tell me about the other cool projects you use or have found in the comments below!
Stay tuned for Part 6.

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