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My Home Server Setup [part 2]: What?

This is a continuation of my previous post.
So, what all can I actually do with a home server? 🤔

Well, technically anything you can run on a cloud server can be run here as well, cuz at the end of the day, both the cloud server and your home server are just computers. For those not in the know, Servers are actually just computers. They’re called servers, because often times they provide you stuff/data upon request.

Some things you can do with your own server:

  1. spin up Virtual Machines (VMs), to try/test things out or tinker around without having it affect your original PC.
  2. Setup your own personal VPN to have encrypted connection before accessing the internet, for safety/privacy reasons. I'm sure you've seen atleast one of the thousands of VPN Ads in youtube videos, you can actually set one up all on your end. Where you're gonna set it up is going to depend on what you want to do with your VPN
  3. setup your own cloud streaming platform, like Netflix, that'll serve your movies upon demand.
  4. setup your own cloud storage, like Google Drive.
  5. Your own code management system, like GitHub.
  6. Store your photos in the cloud, like Google Photos.
  7. Block ads for all devices in your home network
  8. Learn about containers & DevOps
  9. Manage your smart home devices
  10. Setup FOSS surveillance camera systems
  11. Automated to Torrenting seed boxes for your cough Linux ISOs cough
  12. Host your own gaming server (Valheim, CS Go, NSF MostWanted etc)
  13. Setup collaborative editing like in Google docs
  14. your own music streaming platform like Spotify
  15. Messaging apps
  16. personal audio book library like audible
  17. Personal eBook library
  18. Your own website hosting service etc etc.

These are some of the huge number of things we can do. And that too with your own personal hardware, perhaps even hardware you already have lying around. Think about all the possibilities.

Stay tuned for part 3.

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