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My Home Server Setup [Part 4]: Management

So far we have discussed what one can do with a home server and some of the platforms one can use to get started.

Today I'm going to discuss I manage your home server.
As I've previously mentioned, I chose to use Proxmoxx for home server needs. Proxmoxx offers ways to spin up Virtual Machines and containers using their web GUI itself. I'm running my home server on a 10 year old laptop I have lying around and quite frankly it's pretty weak by today's standards and will struggle if I use a lot of VMs at once. And since "Containers" are the buzz word in all of the DevOps space, I wanted to dive straight into it.

Proxmoxx lets you spin up containerd containers using it's web GUI. They're great. Containerd containers are linux containers. I've been reading a lot about docker of late and I really wanted to try it out. So I was bummed out that I couldn't use docker.

But wait!!!!!!!!! Proxmoxx is based on Debian Linux and since it should technically be able to run anything a linux computer should, there really isn't any reason it shouldn't be able to run docker.

So I spun up a terminal instance and installed docker and bippidy bappidy boo!, it works! 😃

PS. you should checkout Kubernetes and podman too. They're awesome!. (Perhaps even slightly better)

I also wanted to be able to use Docker with a GUI too. So I installed Portainer and it was awesome!!. So feature rich.
PS. Also checkout Rancher and Yacht. Yacht might be the best for beginners.

So I was ready to run containers of popular and not-so-popular projects I wanted to try.

Stay tuned for part 4 where I discuss some of the cool projects I've run into and fallen in love with and where to download them from.

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