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Alese Michael
Alese Michael

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Using ansible to git pull

Hello good day everyone. :)
Yes I have a question relating a server I want to update.
I created a server using cloudformation, configured the server and deployed an application on the server successfully using ansible. However because the developer isn't yet done with writing the code, I'd like to know how to use ansible to git pull the code into the server so there can be like a continuous deployment. As I do not want to keep creating a new server and changing the IP. Thanks.

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Patrick Londa

hey @kingsathurthi @jmarhee, I know you both have written about different Ansible use cases before. Do you have any suggestions here for @nvsblmike?

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Joseph D. Marhee

Ansible has a git built-in module that seems like it might be what you're looking for (it'll track a branch, will default to checking out at HEAD, which sounds like what you want if the work is ongoing on a development branch, rather than a tagged release or something) if you run the playbook on some kind of rolling basis.

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Yeah as @jmarhee said you can use Ansible git module to achieve this use case