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Running Cilium on Rancher-deployed RKE2 without kube-proxy

In Linux Kernel 5.8 and above, RKE2 can be run using Cilium without the use of kube-proxy and deploying in RKE2 only requires a simple change to a HelmChart partial. For Rancher-managed RKE2 clusters, the commensurate change is similar.

Ensure your CNI is set to Cilium:

Image description

Switch to the YAML edit view, and navigate down to the rke2-cilium chartValues key:

Image description

and save, and your cluster will begin creating.

Once the cluster is online, you can validate the status of the kube-proxy replacement using the following:

kubectl -n kube-system exec ds/cilium -- cilium-dbg status | grep KubeProxyReplacement
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More about this feature, and further what can be done with Cilium can be found here.

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