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Zachary Wilson
Zachary Wilson

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An intro on why i'm here (and look lost)

Hi all - i started writing on a couple months back and now i've been invited to join this community, so thanks and welcome!

I began publishing as a requirement of the Cloud Resume Challenge which is a fantastic strategy for learning about public cloud services by getting your hands dirty, and i highly recommend it. By now i've published my resume site and added a few of my own integrations and additions, but to start at the beginning one must start at the beginning.

Here is my first post from almost 2 months ago. I hope it makes a decent introduction to this new community =]

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Patrick Londa

Welcome to the community, @zjgrey! As you surely know by now, writing about a topic is great way to challenge your own understanding and level-up your knowledge. The Cloud Resume Challenge sounds like a great structure for it (thanks for sharing!)