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Open Mainframe project and Open Source

About open mainframe work

Open mainframe project which really focuses on the opensource ecosystem. On mainframe particularly focuses on the projects that are really interconnecting the entire enterprise. Enterprise is very hybrid and heterogeneous in their IoT infrastructure at least what they see in forward-looking enterprises. So the projects and efforts they host are meant to be sort of the interconnecting piece of the mainframe within the world.

Linux Foundation

The Linux foundation host over 400 open-source projects. Pretty much every horizontal and vertical out there and a lot of it really focus is that concept of innovation built on sort of that decentralized trust. The projects that are hosted here are all focused on the area that they all come here because they need that neutral area to collaborate.

Why would students do contribute?

The basic thing is you’re just learning these technologies and the best way to always start in any open-source project is to show up to contribute to starting playing with code, to start adding some features. Even just correcting little errors adding some tests (or) documentation. This is getting you to sort of familiar with a bit of the code and at the same time you’re getting familiar with the community. When people are really getting involved in open-source projects there’s the one half of participating. You use this code in such a way and you want to help contribute some of the use cases the code behind the use cases that you drove and bring those back into the open-source. And really amazing thing is to build your resume. You sort have a unique opportunity to be working with leaders in industry and leaders and leading companies and finally getting hired!

Difference between open-source and Internship...

Open-source community stand point is the output at your work is open-source, so people can see exactly what you’ve done the impacts that you have had and you have a true portfolio building begin.

Internship shows you can work with people in an office setting and have an idea of how offices work, a good recommendation from the company you intern for can show that you have programming skills and other important soft skills. Internships also have the potential to lead to a full-time position within the company. Contributing to open-source projects really just shows you can program. Basically working on open source projects is similar to community service, its helpful and can make you feel good, but it’s not the most efficient/best way to improve a resume.

What is mainframe work..?

It is basically a computer system that is designed really around four key design principles:
(a)Security, (b)Stability, (c) Performance, (d) Scalability.
And we see that showcased in a number of key industry areas where you need all of those aspects of your computing system turned up to an algorithm.

Example: Credit card operation, booking tickets, etc.

Open Mainframe Project

It was founded six years ago as of 2021, was founded on the case that open-source is such a critical part of where the mainframe community is going, really to be fair a lot of open-source actually came from the mainframe world. When you go back to 1955 with an organization called “share” that is really the root of where open-source came from for lack of return I mean it’s words roots computer operators f the time had this new Ibm system and they needed to know how to use it, they needed some help in being able to collaborate and so they came together and they shared insight, and they shared code! , they shared experiences, they shared insight and that has built over decades and decades and decades….. So this was really an effort here of how do we get the larger mainframe community which is also very passionate, very interconnected and also looking forward to long term sustainability of collaborating in open source. And it really started with work around the Linux usage on the s390x mainframe platform and in time it’s grown also to open-source projects. Open mainframe projectsits in there and fills the piece and it hosts the project that is very key to making that connection and as a way, it’s really bringing the mainframe into the mainstream.


Basically, it is similar to the s390x mainframe platform. It is the architecture of these boxes of how they’re put together. And the degree of processing power, degree of redundancy built into the box, degree of additional hardware bits really make these boxes the most performant resilient scalable.

How beginners can contribute..?

All the projects are completely transparent open projects that anybody can get involved with not only source code available under OSI licenses but getting involved in the community very easy and What I recommend is people get on the mailing list, get into the slack channel because there are tons of communications that are happing on both sides you can start to get a feel for what the community is about what the current topics are things of that nature. Many of these projects will also maintain good first issue, tagged issues so you can go there and check what those look like and maybe use those for some low-hanging fruit that you can get involved with. Each of them has a few different tech stacks to take some of the advantages.

You can find all Open mainframe Projects on Github. Even beginners can contribute.

They are also providing mentorship program:you can apply

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