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Sebastian Zawadzki
Sebastian Zawadzki

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Starting the editor war

Hi, glad to be part of this community. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without starting decades old war anew, so. What is your:

  • Favorite Editor
  • Color Scheme
  • What made you choose this one

I will start, normally on servers I use vi. On my personal computer I use doom emacs with evil mode. Color theme is solarized light/dark with switching depending of time of the day. I love modal editing options that vi provides, but also I love extensibility of emacs. Also magit and org mode.

Sorry for bringing this up, but this community cannot go further without this topic :D

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Wojtek Kalka

Nvim, neo solarized ... just the best ..

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Patrick Schmitz

On my desktop I use vscode with the Monokai Dark Vibrant them. On the terminal I use vim with elflord. In my case a terminal could be either powershell, ssh, WSL or a local Linux console.