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PagerDuty Community Update, November 3 2023

🏢 Jeli, welcome to the team

As we get to the end of the year PagerDuty takes another solid step in the direction of becoming the number one choice for incident management through the acquisition of Jeli.

This deal represents a strategic alignment of visions, technologies and goals that will enable PagerDuty Operations Cloud improve enterprise resilience, reduce the impact and risk of operational failure for our customers, and lessen the need for costly point solutions. Head to PagerDuty Blog and read about our vision of Jeli and PagerDuty.

🔑 Build sophisticated apps with OAuth 2.0 and API Scopes

Our very own Mandi Walls, walks us through the journey of building custom applications to manage PagerDuty environments. This is a path that many advanced customers follow and now PagerDuty provides a better way to do so.

With OAuth 2.0 and API Scopes logged-in users will only have access to the objects they would also be able to see via the web UI and on top of that their access will also be constrained by the scopes requested by the application you built. This improves security which is not only recommended but also mandatory in many regulated industries.

Head to the blog post and leverage the sample application to experiment with these capabilities in your own account.

☁️ PagerDuty Operations Cloud

Across the business landscape, 2023 has been called the “year of efficiency.” Organizations have had to deliver more growth and innovation, but with tighter budgets and headcount than in prior years. CIOs have needed to build strategies to mitigate the risk of operational failure and protect their brand’s customer experience. These forces have led many organizations to turn to AI and automation to increase productivity at scale, as the ability to work in modern and efficient ways has become a competitive advantage.

To help our customers gain that edge, PagerDuty is launching new features across the PagerDuty Operations Cloud that streamline operational processes and critical, unplanned work—all with the help of AI and automation. These new features across AIOps, Incident Response and Process Automaton enable our customers to drive faster growth, compress costs, and build customer trust.

Go to PagerDuty blog and see how you can supercharge your team's productivity and innovation with AI capabilities at the same time that you scale operational efficiency with event-driven automation for intelligent remediation. Don't skip the videos!

✍️ Set incident responders up for success with new user onboarding

Our first experience with any software platform is very important - PagerDuty is not different. For effective incident response, organizations must ensure that incident responders are set up properly and know how to use the platform. With that in mind PagerDuty announced a new onboarding flow and a new user onboarding report to help you and your team smoothly onboard with PagerDuty.

Cristina Dias explains in this blog post how to get the most out of your investment in PagerDuty by leveraging these new features.

🎟️ Find us in person!

Where in the world is the PagerDuty DevRel team?

  • Tiago will be at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, Nov 6–9, in Chicago. Register for in-person or virtual here. If you happen to be in town for #KubeCon, join the PagerDuty Process Automation team for brats, beers, prizes and latest automation trends in one of the most iconic hotels in Chicago! Reserve your spot 👈
  • Nov 9, Kat brings Mastering Incident Communication to DevOps Barcelona.

Where else you can find Dutonians in November:

Find more Dutonians at our global events. 👋 Say hi if you’re there and share your experience with us - we’re happy to connect and spread the Pagey love!

We’re Virtual!

🎧 On the Podcast(s)

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Our regular shows are:

  • The Unplanned Show with Dormain! Mondays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific (check other timezones here). Catch up on past episodes in this YouTube playlist. Prefer an audio-only podcast? Check out the new podcast version of The Unplanned Show on Spotify. Upcoming episodes: Nov 6: Cloud security response with Ashley Ward, of Orca Security on LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitch
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  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific (check other timezones here) and now also on YouTube.

Make sure you’re following us so you can be there live! You can view our most recent episodes on Twitch and LinkedIn. See some of our earlier streams on the YouTube playlist.

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