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Unleash the Power of Observability: Cutting-Edge Resources from April 2023!

Hi, devs! I want to share the latest with all of you regarding New Relic from April 2023. Enjoy! 😊

Insightful Guides 🛠️

A complete guide to distributed tracing
Distributed tracing is a powerful diagnostic tool for hybrid and microservices-based environments, because you can investigate performance issues from one place. A distributed trace consolidates records of events that take place across components of a distributed system.

Deploy quickly and confidently with CI/CD and automated change tracking
Integrate full-stack observability and change tracking into your continuous integration and delivery pipelines

From 10 monitoring tools to 1 with plentymarkets: 3 takeaways on alerts, troubleshooting, and APM

Launches 🚀

Level up your observability knowledge with New Relic learning paths and badges
New Relic University launches new Learn site, learning paths, and badge credentials

Customer Success Story 💡

Australia Post uses New Relic to correlate weather and identify logistic behaviors

Australia Post, the country’s national postal service, gave New Relic a challenge—to find a way to minimize instability in their underlying systems caused by erratic weather and to help manage demand through these periods. They were interested in exploring ways to gather telemetry data from external sources, exposed only through an API layer

Company Updates 🗓️

View logs in context of APM data without any manual configuration

With your next APM agent upgrade, view application logs in context of APM metrics with granular configurations tailored for your billing and security needs. Opt out anytime.

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