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Docker simlified !


This article explains about ,docker, containers , docker images, when to use them and many more.

All about containers and Software containerization ?

A container is an environment that allows us to build and run software packages which include the code and all dependencies to run applications quickly and reliably on any computing environment like Azure , GCP or Aws . These packages are also known as container images which acts as an unit for distributing of software applications. On the other hand Software containerization is an Operating System virtualization method that is used to deploy and run containers without using a virtual machine (VM).

All about Docker ?

Docker is a containerization platform used to develop, ship, and run containers.One can run Docker on using a desktop or laptop to test and develop software applications using Linux, Windows, and mac Operating Systems. Many clouds, including Azure,AWS,GCP, support Docker.The Docker platform consists of several components that we use to build, run, and manage our containerized applications

Docker Engine

The Docker Engine having several components configured as client-server implementation where the client and server run simultaneously on the same host. The client communicates with the server using a REST API, which enables the client to also communicate with a remote server instance.

The Docker Client

The Docker client is none other than a command-line application that provides us with a command line interface (CLI) to interact with a Docker server. The docker command uses the Docker REST API to send instructions to either a local or remote server and functions as the primary interface we use to manage the containers that are created

The Docker Server

The Docker server is a daemon named dockerd. The dockerd daemon responds to requests from the client via the Docker REST API and can interact with other daemons. The Docker server is also responsible for tracking the lifecycle of our containers providing us all the necessary info for our applications

Docker objects

There are several objects that we create and configure to support the container deployments which includes networks, storage volumes, plugins, and other service objects. We won't cover all of these objects here, but it's good to keep in mind that these objects are items that we can create and deploy as needed.

Docker Hub

Docker Hub is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Docker container registry. Docker registries are repositories that we use to store and distribute the container images we create. Docker Hub is the default public registry Docker uses for image management.


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