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Get started with azure compute services

Getting Started

This article will help everyone to get a clear idea about compute services provided by Microsoft Azure and when to use one of them. Also, this article is beginner-friendly so anyone having a basic idea of cloud computing and its service models can go for it.

Azure Virtual machines

Virtual machines are nothing but software that gives us access to a remote physical computer, which means you get a processor, memory, and storage in virtual mode. Just like physical computers you can install OS and run software in the cloud using a virtual machine.

When to use Virtual Machines(V M)

One can use VMs during testing and development, running
application on the cloud, extending the data center over the cloud ,etc.

Azure Virtual Destops (AVD)

This is an application virtualization service designed for enabling users to use a cloud-hosted version of Windows from any location. Like accessing a Windows machine and accessing remote Windows apps from anywhere just using the Internet. This runs over Windows, Mac, Linux ,android and also Ios. This service is used for enhancing security and providing better user experiences

Azure APP Service

This service is designed to quickly build, scale & deploy, web, mobile apps, and APIs in the easiest way. APP service is having the features like hosting web Apps and API,
storing mobile app data in cloud databases, Authentication and push notifications, and enabling custom back end logic using
Nodejs or C#.

Azure Container Instances (ACI) or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

These services are designed to deploy and manage containers. Containers are lightweight visualization environments this service is just like running multiple VMs in a single Host machine, Which reduces cost and increases scalability.
On the other hand, Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration software system designed to automate deployment, management, and scalability, and the same services are provided by AKS

Azure Functions

This type of service is designed for code deployment and execution without any need for server infrastructure, web server, or any configurations . Azure Functions can be implemented in Languages like C#, Node Js, python Etc. Also, this reduces cost and is mostly used in IoT and event driven apps

Azure Logic Apps

This service is similar to Azure functions enabling developers to trigger logic based on an event But the difference is that Logic apps are used to automate workflows to automate business scenarios


This was all about Azure Compute Services. Do share these article with your peers if you find it useful and dont hesitate to hit a reaction if you love it as it helps the page grow.

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