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Using Makefiles to build switching between Podman and Docker automatically

I use a Makefile with most of my projects, and the ones that are packaged as containers, this usually consists of a step like:

docker build -t me/my-project:some-tag
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but I recently began using a system that uses Podman by default, so I could alias podman to docker, but more properly, I just updated my Makefile with the following to make the build step conditional and more flexible between hosts:

ifeq ($(shell command -v podman 2> /dev/null),)
    $(CMD) build -t jmarhee/scrivener:$(TAG) . --no-cache
    x11docker --backend=$(CMD) jmarhee/scrivener
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where in the above example, it detects not only that I'm running podman, but also updates other configurations that rely on the container runtime as well (in this case, launching a GUI application from the container)

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