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Javier Marasco
Javier Marasco

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The ever-growing kubernetes manual

After several months not posting and trying to think a way to articulate this idea I had in mind, I think I got how to present this to the community.

This post will serve as an index for a series of other articles about kubernetes from scratch, I am planing on writing a more elavorated version of it (possibly in a ebook format) but I also wanted to give a free version to the community with the basics of Kubernetes in an easy to follow format clarifying the basic concepts you will need to go from 0 to a degree where you will feel confortable enough to deploy apps to Kubernetes and do some basic troubleshooting by using a easy to follow narrative to not only read technical information but also to nuderstand the reasoning behind it.

I will try to add more articles into the list so if you feel there are items not being presented please let me know and I will add them into the index.

So, let's jump into it:

1 - What is Kubernetes, how does it works and why do we need it
2 - Managed cluster vs unmanaged clusters
3 - Basic elements of an application running in Kubernetes
4 - Deployments, replicasets and pods
5 - Services, networking and ingress
6 - Storage classes, volumes and how to store your app data
7 - Secrets, config maps and how they are used

I will be adding those articles soon and update this index with the links to the corresponding articles, follow me to get notified every time I upload one of them and don't miss a single post :)

As always, comments and feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

See you later!

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Patrick Londa

Awesome idea, @javi_labs! looking forward to following along!