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Emre for Z-Shell

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✨〰️ ZI 〰️✨ Zsh-Py3-HTTP | Auto Spawned service

ZI Swiss army knife

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This Zsh service-plugin will serve given directory (plugin's directory by default) using Python's 3 HTTP server.

📥 Install with ❮ ZI

The service-plugin supports loading single plugin instance per all active Zsh sessions, in background.

zi ice service'py3http'
zi light z-shell/zservice-py3http

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🧮 Explanation of Zsh-spawned services

  1. First Zsh instance that will gain a lock will spawn the service.
  2. Other Zsh instances will wait.
  3. When you close the initial Zsh session, another Zsh will gain lock and resume the service.

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