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Emre for Z-Shell

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✨〰️ ZI 〰️✨ Vim Syntax

ZI Swiss army knife

❮ ZI ❯ 🧙‍‍♀️ A Swiss Army Knife for Zsh.

Designed to glue everything together. 🔗 | GitHub | Discussions | Localize

A Vim syntax definition for ZI commands in any file of type zsh.

📥 Installation

Load as a Vim plugin. E.g. when using vim-plug, add to ~/.vimrc:

Plug 'z-shell/zi-vim-syntax'

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and then issue the :PlugInstall command.

📕 Manual Installation

To install the syntax copy the file after/syntax/zsh.vim under the path ~/.vim/syntax/after.

✍️ Examples

✴️ The default theme:


✴️ The theme flrnprz/plastic.vim:


✴️ The theme slate:


✴️ The theme murphy:


✴️ The theme lucasprag/simpleblack:


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