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Thomas Soares
Thomas Soares

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A second brain !

Recently found a "second brain" to counterbalance my age... ;-)
It is Obsidian.
There are others with the same intent but after some research this seems to have the best pool of vantages.
In resume it is a tool to facilitate the collection, organization and search of information. All this is a interconnected environment where one can see "mind maps" or "interconnections maps".
There are lots of community plug-ins including one to organize a Kamban board, resembling Trello.

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Clemens Scholz

Thank you @thomas_soares_fdd694bc2e5 up until now I was struggling with all small notes and ideas within Scrivener, so seeing that other Scrivinians already had close encounters with Obsidian ( means for me that I will definitely check out if I can implement it in my workflow. Especially as a 0 $ price tag for personal use means that the only risk is time invested :-)