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PagerDuty Community Weekly Update, October 7, 2022

Hi everyone! Welcome to the PagerDuty Community Weekly Update! We hope you all had an uneventful week. We hope you haven’t been paged at 3am this week.

Cool Stuff

Mandi posted about some experimenting she’s been doing on the PagerDuty Garage on Twitch. Someone in our forums asked about notifications for maintenance windows, which aren’t currently supported by the integrations, but we’ve got an API and some webhooks, and so we went on an adventure.

Want to see more maintenance windows action? They’re now available in the mobile app!

Find us in person!

We have live in-person sessions coming up!

  • Scott gave his talk Built-in Testing in Go is More Than Just Passable to this week in Florence, Italy.

    He’ll also be at Indy.Code() October 19! He’ll also be talking about Client-side OAuth with PKCE.
  • Kat will be presenting at Lesbians Who Tech

    in San Francisco next week!
  • Mandi will be on BoothDuty at JFrog SwampUp in NYC October 18, and KubeCon North America in Detroit October 24-28. Stop by our booths!

We hope to see you! Say hi, we might have PagerDuty stickers. :D We’re also gearing up for AWS Re:Invent at the end of November. Scott and Mandi will be in the PagerDuty booth!

Our automation folks are looking to start some in-person meetings with members of the Rundeck Open Source community. If that’s you, let us know!

We’re also virtual!

Mandi will be returning to All Day DevOps this year with Plan for Unplanned Work: Game Days with Chaos Engineering.

On the Podcast

We kicked off Cybersecurity Awareness Month with two PagerDuty security engineers, Megg Sage and Patrick Roserie! Listen online or subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

Banner image for the Page it to the  Limit podcast episode featuring Megg Sage and Patrick Roserie

Have a suggestion for a guest we should have on? Let us know!

On Twitch

We’re on Twitch three times a week, covering all things PagerDuty. Our regular shows are:

  • PagerDuty Garage, the show about the PagerDuty API: Mondays at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific
  • Terraform Time: Mondays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific
  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific. Follow our channel for alerts when we go live! You can also view our most recent episodes on Twitch. You can see some of our earlier streams on the YouTube playlist.

Max Li and Everaldo Aguiar from our data science team joined us last week to talk about Intelligent Alert Grouping. If you missed it live, don’t worry! It’s now up on YouTube

Next week we’ll be back with another Release Notes stream with the folks from the Process Automation team. Version 4.7.0 is out there, including a new plugin for Cloudwatch! Check out the full release notes and join us on Twitch next Wednesday, October 12, at 1pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific!

Get in Touch

If you have a question about PagerDuty, check out our Community Forums for advice from friendly folks. If you’d like to be on our podcast or Twitch, or just say hi, email us at We’d love to hear what you’re doing with PagerDuty!

Follow us on Twitter!

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