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PagerDuty Community Update: November 18, 2022

Hi everyone! Welcome to the PagerDuty Community Weekly Update! Next week is US Thanksgiving, so we’ll be off enjoying the long weekend.

Good News

PagerDuty was nominated for Best End-to-End DevOps Tool/Service in the DevOps Dozen 2022 Awards.

Voting is now open! Lots of tough competition here–we’d be honored to have your vote for PagerDuty.

Cool Stuff

Process Automation 4.8.0 was released last week and this week we had Forrest and Jake on the Twitch stream to talk about two excellent new features:

  • RSS Feed Plugin helps you know when issues are upstream of your applications. Subscribe to providers’ update feeds to track incidents and outages that impact your systems.
  • Job Resume gives you the ability to restart a multi-step job from a failure. We think both of these will be super helpful to folks using Process Automation and Rundeck OSS. The recording will be on YouTube shortly. ## Find us in person! Where in the world is PagerDuty DevRel? It’s almost the end of the year, so things are slowing down.
  • Scott’s going to be at re:Invent. He’ll be giving a number of talks at the PagerDuty booth in our booth theater!
  • In December, Mandi and the EMEA PagerDuty folks will be at DevOpsDays Tel Aviv! Registration is open now!

We hope to see you! Say hi, we might have PagerDuty stickers. :D

We’re also virtual!

Thursday was also the quarterly Terraform Roundtable. Some of the topics we covered were:

  • Using tools like Terraformer to import large batches of existing objects into your Terraform state
  • When using a simple terraform import was appropriate *How you can generate HCL from your your existing state by using the terraform state show (state show docs)
  • How to set up the GitHub Change Events integration through Terraform

All of these topics will be addressed during future Terraform Time episodes on You can also register now for our next Terraform Roundtable coming up in February 2023!

On the Podcast

This week, Scott talked to Rob Dickinson about API Security! Subscribe to Page it to the Limit so you never miss an episode.

Have a suggestion for a guest we should have on? Let us know! We’re looking for guests for Q1 2023 to record in November and December. That could be YOU!

We’re looking for a modern NOC story if you have some experience there and would like to share!

On Twitch

We’re on Twitch three times a week, covering all things PagerDuty. Our regular shows are:

  • PagerDuty Garage, the show about the PagerDuty API: Mondays at 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific
  • Terraform Time: Mondays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific
  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific.

Follow our channel for alerts when we go live! You can also view our most recent episodes on Twitch. You can see some of our earlier streams on the YouTube playlist.

Get in Touch

If you have a question about PagerDuty, check out our Community Forums for advice from friendly folks. If you’d like to be on our podcast or Twitch, or just say hi, email us at We’d love to hear what you’re doing with PagerDuty!

Follow us on Twitter!

And….are you still hanging out on Twitter? Where are people gathering these days?

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