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PagerDuty Community Update, February 3, 2023

Set Your Service Status on Status Pages

Did you see the announcement about PagerDuty’s new Status Pages feature? Your team can report status on all of your PagerDuty business services, internally and externally! See the knowledge base for more details and HowTos.

Check out our other recent updates and enhancements on the blog. You’ll find more information about Status Update Notification Templates, Custom Fields, Incident Activity Reports, and more!

Find us in person!

Where in the world is PagerDuty DevRel? We’re back on the road in 2023!

  • Next week, Mandi will be back at CfgMgmtCamp in Ghent, Belgium! She’ll have a session on Tuesday, Feb 7 on Rundeck: Dev To Production with Self-Service Automation.

  • SCaLE 20x is back in Pasadena and Kat will be there to give her talk Happy Agents, Happy Customers on Friday and Mandi will be presenting Encapsulating Expertise: Building Cross-Team Automation on Saturday! March 9-12 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

We hope to see you! Say hi, we might have PagerDuty stickers. :D

We’re also virtual!

On the Podcast

New episode coming next week with PagerDuty’s Dylan Lingelbach. The topic is a little unusual, but we found it really interesting. We hope you do, too!

Subscribe to Page it to the Limit so you never miss an episode. We’ve got a bunch of great episodes in the pipeline for you!

On Twitch

We’re on Twitch, covering all things PagerDuty. Our regular show is:

  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific.

Next Friday, February 10, we’ll be talking with Sam Ferguson about Incident Workflows!

Social media banner. Sam Ferguson, Senior Product Manager will be on Friday Feb 10 at 4pm EST

Follow our channel for alerts when we go live! You can also view our most recent episodes on Twitch. You can see some of our earlier streams on the YouTube playlist.

Get in Touch

If you have a question about PagerDuty, check out our Community Forums for advice from friendly folks. If you’d like to be on our podcast or Twitch, or just say hi, email us at We’d love to hear what you’re doing with PagerDuty!

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Ella (she/her/elle)

@lnxchk so near and yet, still so far... I checked out trains to Gent for tomorrow, but Paris is such a bottleneck 😖 it would have taken literally all day to get there!

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Mandi Walls

It's only supposed to take me a day to get there! 😂