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PagerDuty Community Update, February 24, 2023

Ready to dive into PagerDuty's new Incident Workflows feature? This post by Ariel on the blog will get you going!

Find us in person!

Where in the world is PagerDuty DevRel? We’re back on the road in 2023!

  • Salesforce World Tour Sydney: Kat is heading to Sydney on March 1st to present Breaking Silos: Aligning Customer Service & Engineering to Improve Customer Experience. Stop by her talk or the PagerDuty booth to say hi!
  • SCaLE 20x is back in Pasadena and Kat will be there to give her talk Happy Agents, Happy Customers on Friday and Mandi will be presenting Encapsulating Expertise: Building Cross-Team Automation on Saturday! March 9-12 at the Pasadena Convention Center. We’ll have a booth as well! Stop by!

We hope to see you! Say hi, we might have PagerDuty stickers. :D

We’re also virtual!

  • RESCHEDULED is the Quarterly Terraform Roundtable. Join us to talk all things PagerDuty and Terraform! Tuesday, February 28, 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UTC. Sign up today!.
  • CTOAdvisor Virtual Conference: Dormain is giving a talk, You Can’t Ride the Ticket Train to Your (Hybrid) Cloud Destination on March 9. Drop in for live Q&A!
  • Coming on March 22nd, Mandi will be on the Is it Observable? Observable Lightning talks! Mark your calendars!

On the Podcast

This week we talked to Jeff Martens from Metrist! Are your teams using cloud providers and other SaaS vendors? Then you might want to know what their performance looks like, even if status pages aren’t updated. Check out the episode.

Subscribe to Page it to the Limit so you never miss an episode. We’ve got a bunch of great episodes in the pipeline for you!

On Twitch

We’re on Twitch, covering all things PagerDuty. Our regular show is:

  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific.

The Process Automation folks showed off the new features in 4.10.*. If you missed it live, the recording is up on YouTube!

Make sure you’re following us so you can be there live! You can also view our most recent episodes on Twitch. You can see some of our earlier streams on the YouTube playlist.

Get in Touch

If you have a question about PagerDuty, check out our Community Forums for advice from friendly folks. If you’d like to be on our podcast or Twitch, or just say hi, email us at We’d love to hear what you’re doing with PagerDuty!

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Ella (she/her/elle)

@lnxchk I have a highly off-topic question:

As a frequent traveler who spends a lot of time in transit, what are your packing essentials?

What's your travel luggage of choice, and what are your secret top tips for staying put-together during hectic itineraries?

lnxchk profile image
Mandi Walls

Oooh. I have definitely flip-flopped on this over the years. My current kit is:

  • travelpro roller carry on. they are all but completely indestructible. i like a 4-wheel spinner vs a 2-wheel.
  • tom bihn laptop backpack. i gave up on messenger bags; they just bug my shoulders and neck too much. the tom bihns have a good amount of pockets and organization vs other brands.
  • unfortunately, the backpack doesn't have a sleeve to put it on the suitcase handle, so i have cincha belt for that, which i think i found via instagram. it's super convenient, if a little pricey. the handle loop makes all the difference.

Other than that, i have all the other usual stuff. Packing cubes in various sizes to mix and match and keep things separate if i need to for multiple destinations. Duplicates of stuff like my hairbrush and computer cable so there's always one in the suitcase. Contact lens cases for carrying small amounts of liquids instead of dealing with lots of bottles. I keep a folding Longchamp tote in the suitcase too so I don't have to think about bringing a handbag.
I'd also say, pick a method for organizing all your travel info and confirmation numbers. Our corp travel app is terrible and has screwed up my name with some of the hotels i've used, so having that confirmation number handy has been essential. I've been using TripIt for a long time to keep things together.

One other thing that's become increasingly annoying is the shear number of ride hailing apps 😂. Check which ones work in the places you're going and set them up in advance. Same with public transit apps!

Oh! And for new places, Google Maps lets you download a local map for use offline. Very handy if you're not sure of mobile service at your destination.