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PagerDuty Community Update, December 7 2023

Hello community! 👋

The holiday season is here, and I can already picture myself sitting by the fireplace, enjoying a cup of hot coffee. However, we are not ready to say goodbye to the year just yet!

The team has been busy making plans for the upcoming year, while also actively participating in events like AWS re:invent. Mandi and Dormain attended the event, and I hope you had the chance to meet them if you were in Las Vegas. If not, there will be other opportunities.

During re:invent we released a video of PagerDuty Copilot, the new GenAI assistant for critical operations work.
Work more efficiently. Protect more revenue. Build greater operational resilience. PagerDuty Copilot is the AI assistant operations teams trust to help them manage business-impacting issues in seconds, not hours. From event to resolution, PagerDuty Copilot’s automations help you resolve issues faster, reduce risk, and control costs. If you didn't get the chance to watch the video do it now!

This week, Dormain and other PagerDuty colleagues have been attending Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference in Las Vegas and the feedback has been great. Looks like Dormain's session rocked! 🤘

On the open source world, we released new capabilities for the PagerDuty plugin for Backstage. With this new release you can create services in PagerDuty directly from a Backstage Software Template. Imagine creating a new service based on a template provided to you and automatically onboard that same service into PagerDuty and configure the PagerDuty Card in one step! 🤯

If you haven't looked into it and you're using Backstage, visit our new documentation page.

✍️On the Blog

Jeli is now part of PagerDuty! This deal represents a strategic alignment of visions, technologies and goals that will have a lasting impact on the industry and our customers. In particular, adding Jeli to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud will help improve enterprise resilience, reduce the impact and risk of operational failure, and lessen the need for costly point solutions.

To know in detail what this acquisition means for you, our valued customers, as well as what it means for the future of incident management read Dan McCall's blog post.

If you are into Generative AI and want to see how PagerDuty is approaching it in PagerDuty Operations Cloud read the blog post on building operational resilience with Generative AI and automation, by Ariel Russo.

🎟️ Find us in person!

Looks like the event season is over this year and we will be focusing on 2024 events in the next few weeks. We have a lot prepared for you!

Find more Dutonians at our global events. 👋 Say hi if you’re there and share your experience with us - we’re happy to connect and spread the Pagey love!

🎙️ We’re Virtual

Mark your calendars for the next Terraform Roundtable! January 9 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 8pm Central Europe. Join us to chat all things PagerDuty and Terraform!

🎧 On the Podcast(s)

Python in Space. This week, Mandi spoke with Mike Fiedler, a Security and Safety Engineer for PyPI, about various use cases for the Python programming language and the importance of ensuring their security. They also discussed the challenges and benefits of working in the Open Source community and even touched upon the topic of Python being used in space missions.

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Our regular shows are:

  • The Unplanned Show with Dormain! Mondays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific (check other timezones here). Catch up on past episodes in this YouTube playlist. Prefer an audio-only podcast? Check out the new podcast version of The Unplanned Show on Spotify
    Upcoming episodes:
    Dec 11: Jeff Sussna on Platform Engineering on Twitch, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

  • Terraform Time! Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific with José Antonio! (check other timezones here).

  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific (check other timezones here) and now also on YouTube.

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