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PagerDuty Community Update December 15, 2023

How Can We Help?

What would you like to see more of from the PagerDuty Community in 2024? How can we help you be more successful with PagerDuty and all of the components of the Operations Cloud? Take our super short survey and let us know!

✍️In the News

Congratulations to PagerDuty CEO Jenn Tejada, Chief People Officer Joe Militello, and Senior Director of Data Science Mitra Goswami for being recognized as Inspiring Leaders by Inspiring Workplaces Awards!

Also, you can vote for PagerDuty Process Automation in the DevOps Dozen Awards! Open until Dec 31!

🎟️ Find us in person!

Are you making your 2024 event plans? We have a few things on the books and more to come!

  • Mandi will be at Tech Show London in March to chat about DevOps and AI
  • Then she’ll be back in Pasadena for DevOpsDays LA to talk about Chaos Engineering and Failure Fridays.

Find more Dutonians at our global events. 👋 Say hi if you’re there and share your experience with us - we’re happy to connect and spread the Pagey love!

🎙️ We’re Virtual

Mark your calendars for the next Terraform Roundtable! January 9 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 8pm Central Europe. Join us to chat all things PagerDuty and Terraform!

  • Chaos Carnival returns! Mandi will present Plan for Unplanned Work: Game Days and Chaos Engineering on January 24th.

ICYMI, check out the Demo Roundup that aired on December 8 featuring six of PagerDuty’s product managers showing off new (or coming soon) features like global alert grouping, looping automations, and updates to PagerDuty’s integration into ServiceNow.

🎧 On the Podcast(s)

Python in Space. Last week, Mandi spoke with Mike Fiedler, a Security and Safety Engineer for PyPI, about various use cases for the Python programming language and the importance of ensuring their security. They also discussed the challenges and benefits of working in the Open Source community and even touched upon the topic of Python being used in space missions.

Next week will be our final episode of 2023, and our year in review!

Plus, we have a new feature coming up in January, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it!

📺 On Our Live Streams

We’re on Twitch, covering all things PagerDuty, with some of our streams also broadcasting on LinkedIn!

Our regular shows are:

  • The Unplanned Show with Dormain! Mondays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific (check other timezones here). Catch up on past episodes in this YouTube playlist. Prefer an audio-only podcast? Check out the new podcast version of The Unplanned Show on Spotify or Apple Podcasts
    Upcoming episodes:

    • December 18; Todd Whitney on zero maintenance window updates on YouTube or LinkedIn
    • January 8: Manu Gurudatha on “From Slipping to Shipping”
  • Terraform Time! Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific with José Antonio! (check other timezones here).

  • HowTo Happy Hour: Fridays at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific (check other timezones here) and now also on YouTube.

    • Coming in January: A panel discussion focused on Event-Driven Automation and more from our product team on new Operational Maturity reports! Plus, Frank returns with more tips on using Event Orchestration!

Earlier today we wrapped up our 2023 streams. You can view the recording on YouTube.

Make sure you’re following us so you can be there live! You can view our most recent episodes on Twitch and LinkedIn. See some of our earlier streams on the YouTube playlist.

🤝 Get in Touch

Join the PagerDuty Community and connect with super users to learn best practices, network, ask questions, share your thoughts, showcase your projects, give product feedback and more!

Would you like to be on our podcast, Twitch live, blog or next community meetup? Login/sign up to PagerDuty Community and submit your work here, or email us at We’d love to hear what you’re doing with PagerDuty!

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