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Top 9 New Relic Technical Blogs and Resources of August 2022

See everything in your tech stack with these logging best practices
Looking for the best ways to manage logs? Learn the basics of log management and gain visibility into how complex applications and systems perform.

4 best practices for operational efficiency: Telemetry, naming conventions, automation, and tool consolidation
Learn 4 ways to improve efficiency through telemetry, naming conventions, automation, and tool consolidation.

How Hex Technologies ships fast and scales an effective engineering team
In this New Relic for Startups Q&A, learn about Hex Technologies founders and how they debug faster, build, and scale an effective engineering team with New Relic for Startups.

Better data, zero configuration with OpenTelemetry exponential histograms
Learn about the new exponential bucket histograms in OpenTelemetry, how they work, the problem they solve, and how to start using them now. New Relic already supports ingesting exponential bucket histograms over OTLP, and we encourage you to use them to improve your OpenTelemetry experience.

Feature comparison: New Relic agents and OpenTelemetry
Learn which New Relic observability features are currently available for New Relic agents and OpenTelemetry instrumentation. A detailed feature comparison is available on our documentation site: Compare New Relic agents with OpenTelemetry.

The state of Java after Java 17
Long-term support loyalty, containers, and open source! Read the New Relic report on the state of the Java ecosystem in 2022.

How Veygo uses serverless to improve customer experience
Mark Sainty, Software Engineering Team Lead at Veygo, describes how the short-term car insurance company is optimizing IT resources and real-time customer data. He describes monitoring serverless architecture with dashboards and shares four metrics his team uses.

Monitoring multiple network devices with New Relic
In part two of a series on absolutely simple network monitoring from Developer Relations Engineer Leon Adato, learn how to set up multiple routers and monitor them with New Relic.

Best practices for fixing your alerts
Learn when you need alerts and when you don’t. Alerts should 1) respect employees’ time, 2) provide context, and 3) be urgent and non-optional.

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