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New Relic Technical Blogs and Updates of October 2022

Hello, O11y Community 👋

I want to share New Relic technical blogs and updates of October 2022 below.

Technical Blogs

Learn how our Unified API team used the Erlang Observer to troubleshoot issues in the Erlang BEAM. This blog covers how our team reduced NerdGraph’s baseline memory usage by 5-10% in addition to the 60-70% reduction our team saw for extreme queries.

Two hallmarks of success for DevOps teams are how quickly new features go to market and how often new features fail. Our 2022 observability report shows a strong correlation between full-stack observability, fewer outages, a faster MTTD, and a faster MTTR. Learn how you can improve your code quality in just four steps.

Discover how to query your data faster and more efficiently by using a handful of new NRQL capabilities, including NRQL variables, regex multi-capture, and more in our latest blog. A Nerd Byte video gives you code snippets in this how-to so you can easily follow along.

Quickly address OTT streaming issues by monitoring with our Roku agent: The New Relic Roku agent creates the first comprehensive Roku observability solution on the market. Now you can collect your Roku telemetry data to measure and improve network connectivity, viewer accessibility, and video quality.

Depending on your level of infrastructure complexity, it’s likely worth your time and money to optimize your AWS Lambda functions through monitoring. This blog covers some of the basics of AWS Lambdas and what you should look out for when monitoring.

Improve app performance with golden signals in your IDE: The four golden signals are response time, throughput, error rate, and saturation, and they’re all important to understanding how your application is performing. Now you can observe these golden signals directly in your IDE, at the level of your code, so you can see exactly how changes to your code affect your services.

Using Terraform to configure New Relic in the cloud: Use our Terraform integration for an automation solution that will allow you to configure New Relic and hundreds of other service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) quickly with a little code.

Query your data faster and more efficiently:
With this how-to blog, you’ll learn how to query your data more quickly using new NRQL capabilities, including NRQL variables, regex multi-capture, and more. The example improves a query so it is simpler, easier to read, and nearly 440% faster!

Tips to help you get value fast from the redesigned New Relic UI: Turn on our new UI by navigating to the user menu in the top right corner, and toggle New design to On. The changes include easier ways to find all your entities and all capabilities of New Relic right away.

Be more secure with New Relic vulnerability management: Join the public preview 90-day trial and instantly get your observability and security all in one place. No more silos, no additional configuration.

New Relic Updates

New Relic for Startups expands with Zendesk and Carta to help early-stage startups build and scale: To continue to provide even more support to startups, eligible companies will be able to take advantage of all three platforms (New Relic, Zendesk, and Carta) with exclusive credits, discounts, and support.

New Relic, Datadog, and Dynatrace cost comparison: Did you know that New Relic can provide up to 5X more value for money than tools from vendors like Datadog? Compare the costs, single-platform approach with the traditional, subscription-based, bundle-of-SKUs approach used by Datadog and Dynatrace.

If you haven’t already checked it out, New Relic includes React Native monitoring. This capability, released this summer, lets you track user traffic and network latency, as well as capture and trace JavaScript errors.

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