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New Relic Technical Blogs and Resources of November 2022

Hello, O11y Community 👋

I want to share New Relic technical blogs and updates of November 2022 below.

New Relic Updates 💡
Observe every trace so you can find and fix issues fast
Our distributed tracing connects the dots with a single agent update, so you can focus on what’s important and solve issues faster.

10 common struggles with cloud-native infrastructure
Learn the most common challenges with cloud-native architecture to look out for.

E-commerce guide for Black Friday: Are your sites and apps ready?
Learn best practices to make sure your company doesn’t leave money on the table on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever your biggest e-commerce days may be.

Kubernetes Updates
How to Monitor Kubernetes, Part One: What is Kubernetes and how should you monitor it?
Learn what Kubernetes is and what components you’ll need for complete observability.

How to Monitor Kubernetes, Part Two: How to optimize Kubernetes resource configurations for cost and performance
Configure your Kubernetes clusters to ensure availability, performance, and resilience.

AWS Updates
Installing the infrastructure agent on AWS: Zero to data in 60 seconds
Learn how to launch an AWS EC2 Amazon Linux instance, deploy the latest New Relic infrastructure agent, and receive data in seconds.

Understanding AWS cloud certifications: Which one is right for you?
Get a detailed look at Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification exams, plus tips on which ones to start with.

Technical Blogs 🛠️
Export your New Relic data for compliance and deeper data exploration: Learn about historical data exports and streaming data exports, and how you can use them. With the New Relic Data Plus pricing option, you can export both historical data and real-time streaming data to external sources for your audit, security, and legal needs.

See everything from Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams in near real time: To get broader and deeper insights, learn how to detect and respond to operational events faster using Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams and the New Relic.

View logs in context of APM data without any manual configuration: With your next APM agent upgrade, you can view application logs in context of APM metrics with granular configurations tailored for your billing and security needs.

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