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Meet New Relic Grok—your GenAI assistant

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Meet New Relic Grok

Your GenAI assistant for observability

Using New Relic is now as easy as asking, “What’s wrong with my app?”

By combining OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) and the New Relic unified telemetry data platform, New Relic Grok turns tons of telemetry data into instant insights. You can chat with New Relic Grok using everyday language, and it will help you find root causes, fix issues, set alerts, manage users, and more. Watch Demo

Now all engineers—from app developers, DevOps, and SREs to security, product, support, and QA teams—can become pros at observability and resolve issues faster, reduce outages, and increase development velocity and innovation.

Ready to grok? Get Early Access

Here are some things New Relic Grok can do for you:

  • Instrument & onboard: Fix missing instrumentation, set up alerts, and provide docs and onboarding help in-product.

  • Isolate root causes: Conduct analysis of heaps of telemetry data and recent software stack updates to find insights and causes.

  • Debug code: Pinpoint errors down to the line of code in the IDE, get a clear explanation of them, and see suggested fixes.

  • Generate reports: Generate a system/app health report with anomalies, issues, and recent deployments.

  • Natural language queries: Translates human speak (in over 50 languages) into queries and explains query results for easy sharing, even with execs.

  • Manage admin tasks: Manage your account, users, data retention rules, usage, billing, and more.

Learn more about New Relic Grok

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