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2023 State of the Java Ecosystem

Hi, devs!

We at New Relic published our 2023 State of the Java Ecosystem report!

We have been monitoring the Java ecosystem for the past few years to uncover shifts in how it is being used due to new version releases and the rise of containers.

The 2023 report provides context and insights into the current state of the Java ecosystem.

The following categories were examined:

  • The most used Java versions in production
  • The most popular JDK vendors
  • The rise of containers
  • The most common heap size configurations
  • The most used garbage collection algorithms

Highlights from the report:

  • Java 17 user adoption grew 430% in one year
  • Java 14 is the most popular non-LTS version
  • Amazon is now the most popular JDK vendor
  • Containers rule everything around us

👀 Check out the report here.

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