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2022 State of Java Ecosystem Report by New Relic

Hey, Java community 👋

I’m Daniel with New Relic. I wanted to share a 2022 State of the Java Ecosystem Report that New Relic recently published using data gathered in January 2022 from millions of anonymized applications that provided performance data.

One highlight we found is that Java 11 is the new standard. More than 48% of applications are now using Java 11 in production with Java 8 a close second, capturing 46.45% of applications using the version in production.

The goal of this report is to provide context and insights into the state of the Java ecosystem today. The following categories were examined:

➡️ The most used version in production
➡️ The most popular vendors
➡️ The rise of containers
➡️ The most common heap size configurations
➡️ The most used garbage collection algorithms

Take a look at more highlights and the state of the Java ecosystem here.🤓

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