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Simon Foster

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GitHub history

I created my GitHub account in August 2010, lets look at what I have done with it.

In 2010 I started by committing the code for an old php website I had created. Then in December I committed some other php sites.

Between 12 December 2010 and 29 September 2011 I must have created some automated process which is why there is a commit every day. Looking at the diff it appears to be related to tracking visitors to a site. I assume back then I hadn’t heard of the .gitignore file!

Nothing for a few years until 2014, when I started compiling a code samples collection, this is bits of code that I want to show off, I have added to this since 2015 so I really should go back to this as my skills have developed a bit since then.

In 2015 I really started to think of myself as a developer, I added repositories for Raspberry Pi, and a few C# ideas I had. I ended the year taking part in Advent of Code

What did I do last year? Well I started going to York Code Dojo and this meant lots of forks from their code examples and also my first pull request. I also did a fair bit of looking at other repositories trying to find a good open source project to contribute to, still not found one for me yet. Lastly I ended 2016 with a bit of Advent of Code.

Not sure how enthralling a blog post this is, but fascinating to see the different commit histories.

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manish srivastava

Did you checked GitHub history of Bill gates ? Check his first commit bro