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What Are Some Of The Skills One Needs For A Career In Cloud Engineering?

Cloud engineering has become one of the most in demand skills in recent years. More people and companies than ever, are using the cloud to store their data.

Let’s dive into who cloud engineer is.

Who Is A Cloud Engineer?

Cloud Engineer is a professional who takes care of all technical burdens related to Cloud Computing.

This burden may include management, planning, architecture, and oversight of cloud systems, along with knowledge and implementation of best practices for cloud application deployment.

Cloud engineering is a general term that encompasses several different functions, including:

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect designs and creates the environment in the cloud.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer deals with cloud computing technological features.

Cloud Security Engineer

They are responsible for protecting confidential data that’s sensitive to the organization, giving support, computing and ensure that they can work remotely in an swift way.

Cloud Network Engineer

A cloud network engineer is the IT person that implements and manages cloud network architectures.

The Skills Required For A Job In Cloud Engineering Are:

  • Cloud computing standards
  • Understanding Linux / Unix platforms
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • You don't need any coding skills.
  • Basic knowledge of database
  • Understand DevOps methods

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