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Why DevSecOps continues to emerge

You have probably heard of the trending term DevSecOps by now. Some will even argue that DevSecOps is just DevOps done correctly. The reason we continue to hear about DevSecOps is the emphasis being placed on organizations to beef up their security practices to mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities. Hackers and adversaries will continue to look for loopholes to carry out cyber attacks, but fortunately, there are many ways we can start today with shifting security left while simultaneously achieving our software delivery goals and deadlines.

An organization's code is one of the most if not the most important aspect of their product and mainline of revenue. Testing and securing code from beginning to end of the software development life cycle is imperative if you want to increase value and customer satisfaction. The proper tools and processes will get you closer to achieving a true DevSecOps culture and allow for repeatable success. Every team member must consistently monitor the SDLC and stay focused on security in each step the code goes through to enable the shift left mindset and achieve an optimal level of the responsibility.

With many applications and data moving to the cloud, it is equally important to include the same security practices throughout the cloud infrastructure. Having a multi-cloud environment causes visibility complexities and increases the chances of exploiting data and information to attackers. Also, poor secrets management, password vulnerabilities, and non needed permissions could result in cyber attacks. You will most likely have to enforce these measures and make these strategies non-negotiables within your organization. An effective cloud security strategy is most successful when there is team buy-in, accountability, and initiative to prevent security attacks and malicious activity within your IT environment. DevSecOps can be an overwhelming goal for a team, but you can achieve this massive threshold that you, your team, and customers deserve.

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