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Software factories are here to stay.

Have you ever heard of a software factory? To define this emerging trend, software factories can be described as the go to framework that enables software teams to quickly adopt the proper tools needed to produce high-quality applications throughout the software development life cycle. Many agencies like the department of defense are seeing a huge value in software factories due to the emphasis put on organizations to adopt DevSecOps and do so rather quickly. When choosing a factory, most solutions in some shape or form will include tools for source control, testing, security, regulatory and compliance validation, packaging, and application deployment. The main benefit for these types of factories are having the components mentioned before configured from day 1 and can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

Is a software factory really worth adopting? If you are a software team and you have build your own toolchain, it is up to you maintain, reconfigure, redeploy, and onboard new team members for your processes and tooling. If you adopt a software factory, you gaining the portability and repeatable for new projects and services within your team and future demands. Another big benefit is you most likely will only have to work with one vendor. This is a great plus considering you don't have to work with vendor A, B, C, D and separately deploy a dozen tools.

Software factories will continue to gain in popularity due to the convenience of having all the proper DevSecOps tools at your finger tips. It seems many organizations are drifting towards specific vendors to help manage and orchestrate the toolchains needed so DevOps teams can focus more on code and application delivery. I would recommend giving some of these a try and read success stories on how this simple, but powerful emerging tech is accelerating the way teams build and deliver software.

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