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Screw Scrum

If the waterfall method of development is chopped using the Infinitesimal Calculus approach, we still are in the same paradigm. Now we have small waterfalls... This is what became the SCRUM adoption by, old school but now modern, software manager!
By following the SCRUM rules to the letter, the agile gain go to the window. Specially if one did not read the Agile Manifesto.
In one sentence: Waterfall is digital, quantized. Agile is analogic, fluent. We are analog beings and our natural ways to interact, discover and produce must respect and embrace that reality... The digital context will never be able to produce a full model of the analog reality - specially in a team work environment!
Do you disagree? So, take a deep dive at:
You think you’re working in an agile way? Probably not!

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