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The Art of Safeguarding: Azure's Multiple Delete Locks in Action

Understanding Resource Locks in Azure
Resource locks in Azure provide a An Azure Resource can have Multiple Delete Locks crucial means to prevent unwanted modifications or deletions within a resource group. These locks act as safeguards, allowing users to control actions within their Azure resources.
Types of Resource Locks
Shared vs. Exclusive Locks
In Azure, shared locks, or read-only locks, allow authorized users to view a resource but prevent modifications. Exclusive locks restrict all types of operations on the resource, ensuring complete protection against any changes.
Read-Only Locks
Read-only locks are commonly used to prevent accidental alterations. They enable viewing but prohibit modifications to the resource.
Delete Locks
Delete locks play a critical role in preventing accidental deletions. Azure resources support An Azure Resource can have Multiple Delete Locks, ensuring an additional layer of security.

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