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New Relic Technical Blogs and Resources of December 2022

Hello, o11y community 👋

As the year closes out, I’d like to share our latest New Relic technical blogs and updates from the past month. Watch for more content in the new year that helps you use New Relic, try out new features, and build your observability knowledge.

Discover product updates
To optimize your error resolution workflows, read Prioritize and resolve errors faster. You’ll learn about our errors inbox enhancements, designed to help you track, triage, and act on errors.

Build dynamic dashboards with template variables: Learn how to create dynamic dashboards, easy to digest and filter for everyone who needs to view the data.

Dive in with hands-on tutorials
Shift left by monitoring your GitLab jobs and pipelines using OpenTelemetry with New Relic.

Learn to use the New Relic Flex integration in this four-part series that covers how to set up monitoring of your custom data and metrics.

Grok this geekery
What does IT have in common with the Shire? Everything I need to know about tech I learned from The Rings of Power is a four-part series (1, 2, 3, 4 to come Dec 27) that covers life lessons while indulging your inner nerd.

Learn with New Relic

Hear from customers
How Sportsradar does platform engineering with New Relic

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