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Get the full scoop on your error groups with new errors inbox updates

Here’s the scoop on the latest New Relic product innovations, partnerships, and events:

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Get the full scoop on your error groups with these errors inbox updates
Speed error resolution with these key updates. Now, you'll be able to view how many users are affected by each error group, correlate errors with different traces and collaborate with teammates using Slack notifications at the entity level. Check out our documentation, DataByte, and blog post for more info. Learn More

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Simplify the deployment of your network data
To reduce dependencies and improve accessibility with installing network monitoring, we're now supporting adding your data with your Linux package manager (deb/npm). This will improve your time to value and get visibility into your network issues sooner so you can answer “Is it the network?” even faster. Get started

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Get instant observability into your GitLab pipelines
Monitor your GitLab Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline using OpenTelemetry and New Relic! With our new integration, you’ll be able to pinpoint the source of pipeline issues, and visualize jobs as distributed traces with logs in context. Then, install the quickstart to get a dashboard with all your key metrics in one place. Read the tutorial

End-of-life announcements: New TLS standard requirements

As part of our commitment to security and evolving regulatory Transport Layer Security (TLS) standards, we are updating our TLS requirements for all inbound connections to version 1.2 or above on February 1, 2023. Want to know more, ask a question, or leave a comment? Check out this Explorers Hub post. Learn more

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Dashboards galore with Terraform and New Relic
No HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) required in this helpful blog series! You’ll learn how to create dashboards with Terraform and JSON templates, dynamically create New Relic dashboards with Terraform, and use Terraform to generate New Relic dashboards from NRQL queries.

What are the best pricing and billing models for observability?
Pricing and billing can be a barrier to achieving full-stack, end-to-end observability. Our white paper about observability pricing and billing options also features a vendor comparison chart, the top 10 questions to ask, and recommendations for the best models to help you realize more value as you grow your observability practice.

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